Erin foster dating samantha ronson

Her first husband is a band manager named Laurence Ronson, with whom she had daughter Samatha, fashion designer Charlotte Ronson and music producer Mark Ronson.

Here’s more of her quotes to the Daily Mail: The lavish VIP after-party to mark the opening of Dubai’s latest luxury hotel, The Atlantis, was in full swing in the seven-room suite reserved for talk-show billionaire Oprah Winfrey.

Among New York night owls, it is said that just dropping the name Ronson is enough to get you past any velvet rope.

In the hypercool Ronson/Dexter- Jones clan—jewelry-designing matriarch Ann and her progeny: Grammy-winning neo-soul producer Mark, whimsical fashion designer Charlotte, model-muse Annabelle, and musician Alexander—34-year-old DJ Samantha Ronson has always been the most elusive (if, on occasion, most documented) member of the bunch.

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It’s a real thing – Lindsay shows up at events where Sam will be.

It hilariously pokes fun at the absurdity of Hollywood, wealth, and celebrity obsession.

We recently caught up with the Foster sisters to chat about the show's origins, and all the ways their charmed, but real, lives have influenced the show.

I’ve been looking at Lindsay Lohan’s crazy lips and cracked-out face for so long, I really and truly forgot how pretty she looked when she was with Samantha Ronson.

Remember when everyone was “worried” about Lindsay because she gave up dong and entered into a committed relationship with a woman? Of course, I have no doubt that Lindsay was a total and complete cracktastrophe back then too – I remember the cracked-out Twitter rants, the crackie howls and wails whenever Samantha had little time for Lindsay’s crack drama.

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